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Anji Logistics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation.

The company is engaged in such services as finished vehicle logistics, spare parts logistics, port logistics as well as relevant logistics planning, logistic technology consulting, planning and management training based on "Servicing Product Technicalization" concept so as to provide the logistic supply chain service for integrated, technical, transparent and reliable unique solution.

Anji Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd. is the largest provider for automobile logistics service inland currently, with 10,300 employees. There are 10 specialized passenger car transport companies covering shipping, railway and highway transportation and 50 warehouse distribution center inland, with nearly 3,700,000 m2 for warehouse area and over 2 million automobiles for annual transport and throughput capacity. In addition, the networking operation has been realized completely.

In January 2009, Shanghai Automotive conducted recombination for subordinated automotive logistic enterprises and upgraded Anji Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd. as Level-II enterprise. Anji Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd. shall energetically expand the construction for collecting and distributing system and create a comprehensive transportation junction platform so as to realize balanced and sustainable development for such various transport capacities on highway, railway and waterway, create brand-new green logistic mode, establish a transport network for railway trunk and extend the logistic transport scale. It integrates the resources of such three logistic plates as finished vehicle logistics, spare parts logistics and port logistics, energetically expands the construction for collecting and distributing system of Stage –VI dock overseas, and forges a comprehensive transportation junction platform. Through integration of industrial resources and networking of resources, Anji saves logistic cost to realize the maximization of social resources and develop to be the first-class third-party logistics company!

Anji Logistics after recombination serves the user’s satisfaction as the mission, serves the advanced logistic technology as the support as well as serves the integration and informatization as the mainline as always to become the domestically first and internationally leading automotive logistic service provider with outstanding core competitiveness and brand influence through resources integration, scientific management, green environmental protection and quality service.

Subordinated enterprises of Anji Logistics currently including:

  • Anji TNT Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Haitong International Automotive Terminal Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Anfu Passenger Car Lightering Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Angile Passenger Car Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Angi Automotive Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Anji Xunda Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Anji Automobile Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Jiadun Storage and Transport Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Anji NIPPON YUSEN KAISHA Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Ansheng Automotive Shipping Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Andong Commodity Passenger Car Railway Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Anbei Passenger Car Railway Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Liuzhou Shenling Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Anji Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd.
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